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  • Time Management - So, it turns out that doing things around the homestead or elsewhere in the province, and writing about said things, both takes time. Who'da thunk it? 201...
    2 months ago

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Anonymous said...

Hey Stephen,

Impressive job as always! And kudos again for The Telegram appearance on the weekend!

If you wouldn't mind and when you get the chance, could you remove my Blogger blog from this list as I don't update it any more since I moved to WordPress, and in place of it add my WordPress blog here? http://thefightingnewf.wordpress.com


And keep up the incredible work amassing and promoting NL blogs of all kinds!


Anonymous said...

Funny I said that, and then I updated it to get more readers for my Indy blog feature. lol

But, I generally write now from WordPress!

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